Feinstein’s Fallacy

In respones to the borderline bar shooting recently, Senator Feinstein Wants to reinstate a ban on “military assault style weapons”. Even though the shooter used a pistol, a .45 caliber glock, legally purchased in the state of California, and is legal in all 50 states, she doesn’t want to ban those.

He followed all the rules, the > 10 round magazine, is not illegal, as they were grandfathered in.

Simple fact is that there are no laws that will stop crazy evil people from committing crazy evil deeds, regardless of the tool, what would the story be had he tossed a a home made bomb in the nightclub, would Feinstein be calling for common sense bomb control? He could have waited, since it was so close to last call, where he could have just driven his vehicle in to a crowd of people in the parking lot. The smoke bombs he threw very well could have been poison gas.

It’s against the law to hurt people, it’s against the law to kill people, it’s against the law to shoot people, there’s 4 laws that didn’t stop him.

There’s all the “Well what about the armed police officer, that did not stop him, so much for the good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun thing”, the cop can’t just run in, and start Shooting, he’s gotta figure out who the bad guy is, and the bad guy isn’t wearing a uniform, advantage bad guy, where armed guy in bar, who sees the initial shots take place, has the advantage, and can shoot the bad guy.

The cucks in California, will continue to vote themselves into servitude, in return for”free stuff”

The Last Straw…

It’s nice to see that The Peoples Republic of California, has resolved all the other issues in that state, and now can tackle pressing issues such as making it illegal to provide straws to patrons of sit-down restaurants, unless the customer asks for one.

The restaurant owner could be subject to a $1,000 and/or 6 months in jail. Now understand, that this is coming from a state, that if someone breaks into your house, and only takes $975 worth of stuff, or less, they get the equivalent of a traffic ticket, and where a person can knowingly give you AIDS, and not get punished at all!

Imagine the conundrum, if an illegal alien owned a restaurant in a sanctuary city, and his staff gave straws to everyone that walked in the door, what happens then?

What happens if you have a disgruntled employee that wants bad thing to happen to the restaurant owner, and starts passing out straws to diners, with the intent to get the owner fined, or thrown in jail.

This insanity is all based on 9 year old research on the trash island in the pacific gyre. The simple fact is that the vast majority of the trash in the gyre is from Asia, and not the U.S. which makes this legislation even more ludicrous.

Why Does This Lie Keep Getting Told

Most U.S. gun owners support stronger gun laws

A majority in both groups supports universal background checks, greater accountability for licensed gun dealers, higher safety training standards for concealed-carry permit holders, improved reporting of records related to mental illness for background checks, gun prohibitions for those with temporary domestic violence restraining orders, and gun violence restraining orders..

Universal Background Checks Already happen

Greater accountability for licensed gun dealers, as soon as we make car dealers liable for drunk drivers.

Improved reporting of records related to mental illness for background checks, gotta change a lot of medical record laws before this can happen.

Gun prohibitions for those with temporary domestic violence restraining orders, and gun violence restraining orders. These people are already prohibited persons, and the federal government has failed numerous times on this.

39,000 number is inflated, it includes suicides, as well as people shot in self defense…

Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.